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Analogica Digitale - (CV1 = 25)

N. art.: HN2329
Motorizzazione: Arnold
Cassa o Scocca: Arnold




Data Acquisto

08 febbraio 2018

in esercizio da 1395 giorni.

Info modello

Epoca: 6

Paese: Francia

Livrea: Veolia

Società: Privata

A curios story so far is the history of Traxx F140 MS locomotives for Veolia Transport. In 2007 the company ordered nine units, with an option for twelve more. Of these nine machines, six would be built as MS locomotives. In September and October 2008 the first two locomotives, 186 181 and 182, were completed and left the factory for their maiden run. Both had the DE/AT/BE/NL configuration. n June 2009, Bombardier built another three Traxx MS units for Veolia, the designated 186 184, 185 and 186. They were not delivered either. 6 locomotives only 5 have been built with the Veolia paint scheme order date 13.11.2007 delivery period : none of these units have been delivered to Veolia and Bombardier had to find alternative clients and purposes for them. 186 181-182 were sold to Railpool, the 186 184-186 are now property of AKIEM leasing. designation 186 181-182 / 184-186 homologation: DE/AT/BE/NL / DE/BE/FR the order also included three Traxx F140 AC2 units, which were accepted by Veolia.

Decoder ESU LokPilot micro V4.0
Indirizzo primario 25
File configurazione LokProgrammer file di configurazione per il Lok programmer scarica
  1. Brucoblurp06 marzo 18

    Digitalizzata con esu V4

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